Every now and then I produce a painting that stands out above the rest. This is a selection of my favourite (starting with "Favourite") works. All of these works have been sold.


I love challenges. If I find myself settling nicely into a rhythm and getting comfortable, it unnerves me. I want to move forward, try new things, develop. This painting was the first of its scale. It was huge. The space on the canvas created space for me to experiment with colour and brush strokes. The change in pace just reset my creativity and I felt as though I was painting again for the first time – no recipes, no safe go-to’s just an inviting space.

The Wayfinder

I just want to know this woman. She seems like someone who would disagree with me, and I’d be better off for it. I see in her what I wish for humans – the ability to bring fresh perspective, to illuminate without placing in the spotlight. This piece is warm and true, and those are the best qualities for paintings and people.


Sometimes I look at a painting of mine hanging on a wall and have a strange feeling of admiration as though I’m enjoying someone else’s work. I see the brush strokes and the textures and a big part of me wants to ask: “how on earth did the artist do that?”

Seeker is a little different. Because we made a video during the creation of it (which certainly had it’s challenges; I was 6 weeks pregnant and exhausted). I get to watch it being made and I wonder at it, as though I’m simply a spectator. It allows me to remain awestruck – and I realise this might come across as a little vain, but I am an avid believer in remaining fascinated and not getting used to things that once left me gobsmacked. Also, I love yellow but very seldom muster the courage to use it so liberally. It’s basically tubed sunshine.


Leading up to the creation of this painting I had gone through a phase where I felt like I was becoming a sort of cookie cutter artist. The colours and expressions changed slightly, but it felt monotonous – face after face. I had started very seriously doubting whether I was still able to do anything else well. I loved the end product of this painting, but more so I loved that it allowed me to enjoy creating portraits again. Suddenly I did them because I wanted to, and not because I believed I couldn’t do anything else.